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Our company operates in two divisions: Electrical Wiring Harnesses for Operating Machinery, Industrial Automation Panels.

We design and produce custom-built Cable Harnesses (even most complex ones), Control Panels and On-board Electrical Wiring Systems for various types of Working and Operating Machines.

Wire Harnesses and Control Panels are entirely produced in Italy by means of automatic equipments at the Govoni S.A.S plant in Formignana (Ferrara).

Design and production of electrical wiring harnesses and dashboards, high complexity and typology, for:

  • Paving machinery
  • Earth-moving machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • General purpose operating machinery

Design and production of electrical automation frames & wiring harnesses for:

  • Tools machinery
  • Production plants
  • Packaging machinery
  • Asphalt plants

Our Services


  • Construction and infrastructures
    We design and produce Electrical Wiring Harnesses and Control Panels for Cold-milling and Paving Machinery, as well as for Excavation, Drilling and Concrete-mixing Machines.

  • Agriculture
    Concerning the agriculture sector, we design and produce Electrical Wiring Harnesses and Control Panels not only for Grass-harvesting, Grass-chopping and Grass-collecting Machinery, but also for Weeding-Fertilizing Machines, as well as for those performing Crop Treatment and Stocking.

  • Electronics for Operating Machinery
    The Microprocessor Board (based on ATMEL processor) which was conceived by our technical department and recently introduced on the market, allows controlling and monitoring all the machine functions. Equipped with analogue inputs and PWM outputs, it also allows interface with non-digital devices.
    Moreover, the Electronic Board does allow protocol and serial protocol interfacing (by RS232 and RS485 serial protocols, or Modbus and I2C protocols) with Interface Boards or text and graphic LCD displays and touch-screens, the messages of which are completely customized (in foreign languages as well) in accordance with the requirements and needs of the customer.
    Such Electronic Board also allows Serial Connection to a Windows-based PC equipped with a specific interface software (customized for the client's use): it provides this way constant monitoring and allows a possible parametrization of the application.

  • Spiral cables
    We design and produce Spiral Cables endowed with very good “memory effect” and always according to customers' specifications.
    Moreover, we give our clients the chance to choose by catalogue from among a very wide range of Spiral Cables for all kinds of applications.
    Concerning the Industrial Automation field, we design and produce Electrical Panels for any type of application.
    We offer our customers a wide range of Automation services, including the possibility of programming the industrial electronic components by means of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

  • Machine-Tools' Automation
    We design and produce (in accordance with customers' needs and specifications) Electrical Control Units for the Machine-Tool sector, using unquestioned high quality components, all manufactured by very well-known international trade names.

  • Automation Technologies for the Packaging sector
    We are glad to share our expertise with the Packaging sector too, which can make use of our experience in the Industrial Automation field thanks to electrical / electronic components from well-known international brands.

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